Other Services

    The Investment Bank of Iraq provides all sectors of the society its comprehensive and unique services such as:


    Open accounts in all types ( current account , saving account and accepting deposits )

    Open and accept Inward and outward Documentary credits

    Banking Guarantees to beneficiaries inside and outside of Iraq 

    Sending and receiving remittance via swift system 

    Discounting Bills

    Issuing Bills for customers

    AL-ATHMAR COMPANY To Mediate for Selling and Buying Stocks Certificate Limited Responsibility

    Debit current accounts overdraft

    Foreign exchange 

    Participating in the capital of companies that participate in the development of Iraqi economy 

    RTGS system for internal remittance

     Granting credit in all types , Loans and overdraft 

    Issuing confirmations to the Embassies and Governmental Institutes upon customer request